Game Update 21
New Nidhogg

Hello Pilots,

We are deploying an update to all live servers on Wednesday, October 9th. This update will contain the new model for the Nidhogg and smaller improvements and bug fixes.

This update will need a server maintenance of approx. 120 minutes overall. We are going to start to shut the servers down at 9.30am CEST (UTC+2). The countdown will start around 15 minutes beforehand on each server.
The game update will be deployed as following:

9.30 am CEST – EU Kobol
10.00 am CEST – EU Libran, Virgon, Canceron
10.30 am CEST – EU Tauron, Picon, Sagittaron
11.00 am CEST – US EAST
11.30 am CEST – US WEST

Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team